Our Aloe Vera From plant to product

Our Aloe Vera

Aloe Barbadensis Miller, remember the name. There are about 400 Aloe species in the world, and all have their own good qualities. But only a single variety has been loved by mankind since time began: Aloe Barbadensis Miller. Our Aloe vera.

Aloe vera is a subtropical plant that can store a lot of water. In its leaf is a viscous gel that besides water contains a unique blend of fabrics. The gel may either be consumed as a food supplement or mixed with other ingredients for different skin and hair care products.



You can not produce a good product of poor ingredients. Accordingly, we from scratch and grow our Aloe vera in fertile soil that provides a robust growth.

To ensure full control over the entire process from cultivation to the finished product we own self plantations. All cultivation is done organically and rotation so as not to deplete the soil. Each plant begins as a shot cut from the root of a mature plant.

After about three years of growth, harvest the mature leaves from the plant by hand and transported quickly to be refined and stabilized.